Fasadvy Väven, augusti 2015

Fasadvy Väven, augusti 2015

Kulturverket Residency at Väven
We’ve got the great honor of hosting all the activities for kids and youngsters at Umeå’s cultural hub Väven this spring! Come meet us there!

27/2 “Märk mig” – A play on words, this means both Mark me and See me; a workshop about tattoos asa silent form of communication. E

19/3 “Rymdstationen” – The Space Station, a workshop around game design. Come and people a spavce station and see how aliens communicate!

26-28/4 “Välkommen hemifrån” – Welcome Away from Home, a great show in true Kulturverket spirit! Together with kids and young adults we’ve created music, dance, theatre and film that will be performed in a welcoming and non-discriminating environment – a pizzeria! This is one of the Grand Final’s from our Gatsmart project.

21/5 “Märk mig” – a full day about tattoos as communication. Come and meet tattooed people, create your own temporary tats, se exhibitions around the kids tattoo designs and watch a real tattooing in action!

2/6 Join us for a summer night of films and music on one of Umeå’s largest outdoor stages, where we will be hosting a fantastic closing-party for the Gatsmart project.